Jungkook, the 8th artist to hit 30 million monthly streams on Spotify without releasing an album

Camila Cabello
Billie Eilish
Ava Max
Megan Thee Stallion
Olivia Rodrigo
Lil Nas X
(NEW) Jungkook

They got 30 million listeners with singles without albums

35,507,583 million as of today

D5 | 35,507,583(+100,342)

1. Can’t wait for his album

2. Jungkook is so hot

3. Jungkook is a pop star

4. Wow, look at the lineup, daebak

5. As expected, Jungkook is amazing

6. Look at the lineup, Jungkook is amazing

7. Wow this is really crazy

8. Jungkook = legend

9. I’m also looking forward to Jungkook’s next song and album

10. Jeon Jungkook currently has the most monthly listeners in Kpop

11. The lineup is crazy, Jungkook is so cool

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