JYP seems to be going downhill from a company that’s strong in digital

The peak daily chart positions of JYP’s recent comebacks

TWICE’s “Set Me Free” at No. 83
NMIXX’s “Love Me Like This” at No. 6
Xdinary Heroes’s “Freakin’ Bad” outside of the Top 1000
Stray Kids’s “S-Class” at No. 100
NMIXX’s “Party O’Clock” at No. 123

1. Seriously.. NMIXX seems to have gone the wrong way

2. Well, to be honest I’m not worried about Stray Kids, I’m just worried about ITZY and NMIXX

3. The lyrics are important, but I feel like they don’t care about the lyrics

4. I thought TWICE’s song was good, so I don’t know why it didn’t do so well on the charts

5. Their skills are good, but why?

6. Apart from the idols’ abilities, the songs and dances are not trendy at all

7. They lost popularity in the Korean market because they did well overseas?

8. I feel sorry for ITZY and NMIXX ㅠㅠ They have good skills, but their songs are not good..

9. The result of not caring about the domestic market to make money abroad

10. However, JYP’s current sales are good and their stock price is higher than SM and YG

11. I feel that the company’s planning skills are not very good

12. NMIXX members are really cute and charming, but their songs are bad… I hope they choose good songs

13. Are these songs composed by Park Jin Young????

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