K-netizens are surprised by the first quarter business results of 4 big agencies

First quarter business results of 4 big agencies


HYBE 360.9 billion won
SM 220 billion won
JYP 136.5 billion won
YG 87.3 billion won

Operating profit

HYBE 14.4 billion won
SM 15.5 billion won
JYP 33.6 billion won
YG -7 billion won

Net profit

HYBE 2.9 billion won
SM 12.4 billion won
JYP 31.4 billion won
YG 400 million won

1. HYBE is so weird

2. How does JYP make so much profit?

3. Operating profit is negative, so how can net profit be positive? Where can they get support?

4. What’s wrong with YG? Is it because they also debuted their rookies?

5. I’m surprised every time I see JYP’s operating profit

6. HYBE is worse than I thought. What’s up?

7. JYP ranks 3rd in revenue but ranks 1st in profit

8. Who should be investigated for embezzlement and breach of trust?

9. Well, YG has nothing to make money on right now

10. Why is HYBE’s net profit so low? How many singers do they have?

11. I wonder where the money leaked from HYBE. I think we need to investigate HYBE

12. Where did HYBE throw all the money?

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