JYP’s digital music results on Melon in 2023 look extremely severe

Based on comebacks in 2023

January, MOONLIGHT SUNRISE (TWICE) – 122nd place

March, SET ME FREE (TWICE) – 83rd place
March, Young, Dumb, Stupid (NMIXX) – 28th place
March, Love Me Like This (NMIXX) – 6th place

April, Freakin’ Bad (Xdinary Heroes) – 4,394

June, S-Class (Stray Kids) – 100th place

July, Roller Coaster (NMIXX) – 129th place
July, Party O’Clock (NMIXX) – 123rd place
July, CAKE (ITZY) – 20th place

August, Killin’ Me Good (Jihyo) – 131st place
August, let it be summer (Young K) – 343rd place

September, nothing but (Young K) – 233rd place

October, Break the Brake (Xdinary Heroes) – 4,194
October, HEARTRIS (NiziU) – 5,940

November, LALALALA (Stray Kids) – 108th place
November, Change Man (Park Jin Young) – 401st place

December, Soñar (NMIXX) – 143rd place

1. But they sell albums well, so who cares?

2. JYP’s popularity is just a mess, no one cares about TWICE anymore, even if a group like this comes back

3. I don’t feel like NMIXX is stronger overseas than HYBE and SM’s other 4th generation female idols

4. So you’re asking me to criticize JYP, right?

5. Seriously, there is no entertainment company that doesn’t care about the domestic music chart. JYP is trying its best but it’s still not working…

6. They are not worried because they are doing well in Japan

7. Just listen to the songs and you’ll know why

8. Their skills are good but their songs are not good

9. But Stray Kids is doing so well abroad

10. Hul, what happened to JYP?

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