K-etizens wonder why Min Heejin is not married yet

Why isn’t Min Heejin married yet???????

Is there no one she likes?

1. We don’t know because we are not Min Heejin’s friends

2. I’m curious after seeing this. Did Bang Si Hyuk do that?

3. Anyone can see that she is a workaholic

4. Honestly, if she had gotten married, she wouldn’t have been able to achieve that position

5. Why does she have to get married..?

6. She is a woman who earns a lot of money and is capable, why should she get married?

7. Does she really need to get married..? A successful woman with money and skills? Why..?

8. Why do rich, successful women get married?

9. Look at Min Heejin’s personality.. She’s not the type of woman who would get married

10. Is marriage necessary?

11. Why would a woman who has everything get married?

12. Do we really need to know that…? It’s someone else’s private life

13. For a moment I thought those were Jang Dong-gun’s lyrics

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