K-netizens accuse Bang Si Hyuk of lying in the past

Bang Si Hyuk claimed that he saw Wink when he was in middle school

Wink was first released in August 1993

Bang Si Hyuk was born in 1972. He would have been in middle school from 1985 to 1988. Bang Si Hyuk would have graduated even high school by the time Wink came out

1. I was born in 1986. Isn’t Wink from our generation?

2. Who is he, a time traveler?

3. Don’t even think about shielding him

4. The way he creates his image is also amazing;;;;

5. He has no skills. Seems like you can become this big just by lying

6. I was born in 1982 and it came out when I was in elementary and middle school, so what was he talking about?

7. I thought he was the same age as me

8. I’m an otaku too, but you literally can’t be confused about Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure

9. Is he confused with Wink, a Japanese idol who debuted in 1988?

10. It’s the same as being confused about the debut dates of SNSD and Fin.K.L

11. I’m an otaku, but I could never confuse what I liked in middle school with what I liked in college

12. I saw Wink when I was in middle school and suddenly I felt old

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