K-netizens accuse Min Heejin of “stealing” NewJeans members from Source Music

When NewJeans’ members joined HYBE

Minji joined Source Music in 2017

Min Heejin moved to HYBE in 2019

Big Hit x Source Music Global Audition was held in 2019 with Minji’s presence on the poster

Hanni joined Source Music in 2019 through that global audition in 2019

Danielle and Haerin joined Source Music in 2020
They practiced together for about 2 years

Hyein became a trainee of ADOR in May 2021. The only member chosen by Min Heejin before separating from Source Music in November 2021

NewJeans debuted in July 2022

1. If Min Heejin hadn’t gone to HYBE, would the four of them have become LE SSERAFIM?

2. Is Source Music’s CEO too kind? Why did they give away all the trainees? If it were me, I would feel it was unfair and couldn’t give them the trainees

3. She thought she did everything herself. Who are you, the Creator?

4. She took almost all the trainees from Source Music and created her own label, but Source Music didn’t have enough talent so they brought in idols from other companies and hastily created LE SSERAFIM

5. I heard that their training costs were paid by Source Music

6. Wow, everyone except Hyein is from Source Music

7. I I was Source Music, I would be so angry

8. What the? It’s not like she chose them. She just stole it and pretended it was all hers

9. I think they joined HYBE after seeing the success of BTS. This is a combination of Big Hit and Source Music

10. Source Music is a bodhisattva, seriously..

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