K-netizens are confused about ADOR Min Heejin holding a board meeting today and informing HYBE

‘Min Heejin Division’ ADOR holds a board meeting on the 10th… informs HYBE

According to the music industry, ADOR’s board of directors, including ADOR CEO Min Heejin, informed HYBE that they will hold a board meeting somewhere in Seoul on the morning of the 10th.

The current ADOR Board of Directors includes CEO Min, Vice President Shin and Creative Director Kim.

Currently, HYBE is accusing CEO Min of theft of ADOR management rights and breach of trust. CEO Min’s side completely denied all accusations.

1. I support Min Heejin!

2. I hope that they win and become independent along with NewJeans

3. It has been decided that Min Heejin will be fired. The only question is whether NewJeans will leave HYBE with Min Heejin or not

4. Min Heejin doesn’t seem to have any legal advantage… I’m worried about what NewJeans will do without Min Heejin

5. Let’s win! I want to continue watching Min Heejin’s NewJeans

6. Either someone wins, or cleans it up quickly

7. I hope the impact on NewJeans will be as small as possible

8. I wonder what will happen

9. Why was this board meeting held?

10. I hope Min and NewJeans will be free

11. Looks like she’ll be fired anyway… NewJeans will be tied for the duration of their contract

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