K-netizens are disappointed with Stray Kids’ outfits and proportions at the 2024 Met Gala

Stray Kids’ red carpet group photos attending the 2024 Met Gala

1. Are they short or have bad proportions?

2. It wasn’t fun at all.. They weren’t paying attention to the theme of the Met Gala

3. Are they all short?

4. Felix looks like a fairy

5. Do their outfits match the theme?

6. I’m currently looking at an account posting photos from the Met Gala and there are a lot more people wearing outfits that don’t match the theme than I thought

7. It’s so normal that you can often see such clothes on stage

8. They are all short

9. What happened to their clothes? It looked like they were wearing their father’s clothes

10. Their clothes are not good and their proportions are not good

11. Normally, all men at the Met Gala wear only suits

12. They looked awkward

13. Only Felix stands out

14. I thought they were Japanese idols

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