K-netizens are saying that BTS Jin has to hug fans to make money and pay Min Heejin’s legal fees

HYBE must pay all legal fees for Min Heejin

It’s 2 billion won, but since Min Heejin said she paid all that money to lawyers and the actual legal fees were less than 10 million won, but I’ll bring it up because HYBE is pathetic

1. I really feel sorry for Bangtan… They made a lot of money but look at how that money was spent…

2. It was solved with ARMYs’ money!!

3. BTS is making money so they can pay Min Heejin’s legal fees

4. So let’s have a hug party

5. And if they need money, they should fire the executives and make up for it with their salaries

6. I think it would be better if BTS went somewhere else after the contract ended

7. Jin will do it for HYBE

8. That’s why HYBE sold SM shares and held a hug party

9. To make up for this money, they made BTS hug their fans and it was really, really disgusting. After two years of hardship in the army, they were just a beggar

10. That’s why HYBE is holding a hug event

11. Seriously, I’m glad I didn’t buy HYBE stock ㅠ

12. Since HYBE had no money, they decided to hold a hug event

13. What did HYBE gain from this? They lost money, had everything destroyed, and their image was ruined

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