K-netizens discuss whether Billboard is important to K-pop or not

I wonder if Billboard is important to K-pop or not

I’m not talking about singers who suddenly enter Billboard like Psy, but I don’t understand why Billboard is the target in every interview, and trying to release songs that can enter Billboard

Japan is the second largest market even though there is no Billboard chart, but Korea feels like they are betting their lives on Billboard too much

1. I think it’s important that British kids also think that climbing the American charts is important

-> They speak English. We are Asian

2. But I don’t like the fact that they entered Billboard based on the ‘labor’ of their fans even though no one listened to those songs

3. It used to be something new, but nowadays it doesn’t really impress me

4. But Billboard is the most anticipated chart not only in Korea but also in China, Japan and the world

5. That is one of the signs of success in foreign markets…

6. Only music that performs well on Billboard can be recognized at the biggest awards ceremonies like the Grammys

7. I still think it’s important, but making it to Billboard means the song has become a huge hit worldwide… But if it doesn’t make it to the top, I’m not that impressed

8. Honestly, I don’t understand why they consider making it to foreign charts as a criterion of success…

9. I know this is a big market but they abandoned the Korean market and started targeting the US so it’s a bit sad to see they can’t make it to Billboard or the domestic music charts

10. Of course, they aim that because of different market sizes, but as a fan of Korean idols, I want them to do well in the domestic market

11. K-pop is losing its unique feel…

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