K-netizens react to actress Song Da Eun hinting at her relationship with BTS’s Jimin on Instagram

Actress Song Da Eun, who has been rumored to be dating BTS’s Jimin, has caused a stir for allegedly “hinting” at her relationship with him on Instagram.

On May 16, Song Da Eun sparked dating rumors with BTS’s Jimin again through multiple posts on her Instagram. Among the now-deleted posts, one photo showed a pair of cases with Song Da Eun and Jimin’s names.

In one video she shared, a person is walking with their face covered by a flower. Netizens quickly noticed it was identical to a video of Jimin from back in 2021.

The location matches where Jimin was, and when comparing the shoes and coat length, they appear identical to those Jimin was wearing.

The second video was a cropped clip featuring a yellow balloon, matching the background, balloon, and fingers touching the balloon from Jimin’s behind-the-scenes footage.

The third video shows her dog in an apartment playing around. People noticed it looks very similar to photos of Jimin’s apartment seen in a past BTS documentary.

In the next video, she is seen wearing a shirt that reads “MIC DROP,” which obviously links to the BTS song “MIC Drop.”

On a post on Nate Pann, some of the comments include:

1. [+635, -43]
Wow just go on her Insta Story, she purposely put a sticker on someone’s face and tried to crop him out but it was f*cking obvious that it was Jiminㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah that unnie is an attention seeker

2. [+620, -46]
People who know all know already. She always tried to make it obvious but it’s my first time seeing how going to that extent no? They at least have something going on

3. [+600, -51]
They haven’t broken up. Right now, Jimin went to the army so Jimin isn’t home so who is the one living here? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+353, -13]
On the day Jimin enlisted, he even posted a video saying to his dog, “Daddy is gone now, he’s not here anymore ㅠㅠ” haha

5. [+212, -6]

The more you provoke her, the more she goes wild, and today she went absolutely wild. Did something happen?

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