K-netizens react to ILLIT’s fandom name conflicting with BLACKPINK Lisa’s personal fandom name

This time, ILLIT’s fandom name conflicts with another fandom

Lisa’s personal fandom is Lilies

There is also a video of Lisa calling her fans Lilies during her solo career

It is said that it means the same as the lily

Currently, posts about ‘Lilies for lisa’ are being posted rapidly on Twitter

1. Do we need to care about something unofficial?

2. It doesn’t matter if it’s not official

3. Do we even have to pay attention to unofficial personal fandom name?

4. I don’t know if it’s an unofficial personal fandom name or not, but looking at the reactions, it’s better to change it

5. It’s better not to get involved with Southeast Asian fandoms

6. Among all K-Pop idols, Lisa has the most international fans, so please change it

7. I remember the terrorist attack on Instagram because of the same hair color

8. Of all the fandoms in history, the most toxic fandom is the Southeast Asian fandom. Stay away from this

9. I wonder if we should pay attention to unofficial fandoms, but it’s better to avoid personal fandoms abroad

10. I think the biggest problem is the company’s incompetence

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