K-netizens react to Min Heejin’s KakaoTalk messages insulting NewJeans and fans revealed

“Fat elementary school student” and “Fat pig”, Min Heejin’s KakaoTalk messages disparaging NewJeans members revealed ‘shocking’

1. What the hell are they talking about artists who make money?

2. They need to fact-check this. If this is true, Min Heejin is so bad

3. NewJeans fans must feel like they were hit in the head

4. I know very well that HYBE does not care about protecting NewJeans

5. I feel like she didn’t say that about NewJeans and it was about some other group

6. I hope ADOR refutes this fast

7. Is this original?

8. I wonder if the pig she’s referring to is the chairman

9. So she said all these things about NewJeans?

10. HYBE has no thoughts on protecting NewJeans

11. This has to be media play by HYBE

12. I don’t think that’s the original conversation

13. I hope the girls are okay

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