K-netizens react to the article about Aespa Winter and her father sniping at Bang Si Hyuk

“I will crush them all for you!” Aespa Winter, reveals her father’s support… sniping at Bang Si Hyuk?

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1. Seriously, who feels comfortable when someone says he’s going to crush your daughter?

2. Why did Bang Si Hyuk say that to other people’s precious daughters?

3. Hul, a father protecting his daughter

4. Father-in-law please stay there, son-in-law will do this dirty work

5. Seriously, how bad must he have felt? The whole country knew about it and it even became a meme…

6. Bang Si Hyuk needs to apologize

7. Every time I hear the story about Winter’s father, I feel jealous

8. I would feel more confident if I had a father like that

9. It can be seen that the family cares and loves Winter so much

10. Winter’s father is so cool

11. As a father, this is something he can definitely say

12. Isn’t Winter’s father a soldier?

13. Bang Si Hyuk should apologize to Aespa

14. Her family is so trustworthy

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