K-netizens say that BTS fans are fabricating Min Heejin’s interview and spreading it

BTS fans are fabricating Min Heejin’s interview and spreading it


“* JYP & SM executives shared stories in support of mhj and her gg

* Mhj was exposed by Hybe to have been contacting Kakao to sell her shares

* Kakao = SM

* All allegations resurfacing are by big3 stans, and are about BT5 surpassing 3xo

* The witch was responsible for 3xo”

Content similar to this is copied and pasted from one account to another and spread across Twitter

Min Heejin can’t even use her name anymore and is called a witch…

1. They are always annoying and disgusting

2. Did they receive orders from HYBE? They look like psychopaths

3. Why are HYBE managers and fans so obsessed with SM?

4. They always have the mindset that they are always victims and that the world is unfair to them

5. Why are they still obsessed with EXO???

6. They always spread rumors/fabrications about other fandoms like that

7. Foreign fans are really going crazy because there’s no way to stop them…

8. What is 3xo? Is it really EXO? Wow, BTS fans can’t stop loving EXO

9. So scary… No, Min Heejin’s YouTube video doesn’t have subtitles ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. Whenever something weird happens, whether at home or abroad, they grab SM’s hair and point arrows at SM

11. I didn’t even have any expectations as soon as BTS’s sajaegi controversy broke out, I thought overseas ARMYs would go crazy

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