K-netizens wonder where they spent their money when they saw HYBE’s first quarter business results 2024

HYBE’s first quarter performance in 2024 (January to March) (operating profit decreased -72.5% compared to last year)

1. HYBE’s operating profit has dropped significantly

2. Did they spend a lot of money on viral marketing?

3. Revenue was 360 billion won but operating profit was 14 billion won?

4. Why is operating profit so low compared to revenue?

5. I think it’s because BTS members have all enlisted and there are a lot of rookies debuting

6. Isn’t it because in the first quarter there were only 2 rookie groups promoting?

7. Why is operating profit so low? Where is the money spent?

8. Looks like they spent all their money on viral marketing

9. HYBE can’t do anything without BTS

10. I don’t like HYBE, but I think the low profits are due to the debut of TWS and ILLIT. Even if a rookie does well right from debut, the investment costs associated with debut will be huge

11. They need to go on tour. Who toured in the first quarter??

12. In the first quarter of HYBE, the only major singer generating revenue was LE SSERAFIM, and two new teams were debuted (ILLIT, TWS) + one game was launched

13. I guess they spent all their money on viral marketing..

14. I wonder how much money they actually spend on viral marketing

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