K-pop album pre-order ranking update: Seventeen No.2, BTS No.3, BTS No.4, Stray Kids No.4, TXT No.5

K-pop album pre-order ranking update: Seventeen No.2, BTS No.3, BTS No.4, Stray Kids No.4, TXT No.5

1 Seventeen 4.64 million copies (2023) – New
2 BTS 4.02 million copies (2020)
3 BTS 3.02 million copies (2019)
4 Stray Kids 2.37 million copies (2022)
5 TXT 2.34 million copies (2023)

1. Even pre-orders.. Seriously, everything has rankings

2. 4.64 million copies, crazyㄷㄷㄷ

3. HYBE should have set up a factory that produces albums

4. No, but I really can’t help thinking about environmental pollution…

5. Don’t they have a lot of Chinese fans?

6. There are over 4 million pre-orders, but it’s strange that they can’t even hold a concert at Jamsil Stadium

7. Why are you guys fighting..? If you don’t want to see it, just ignore it

8. It’s great that Seventeen is getting bigger

9. Stray Kids is doing well too

10. K-pop is getting bigger every year

11. K-pop idols sell a lot of albums, but their digital rankings aren’t good overseas…

12. The number of K-pop fans is increasing

13. They even sell better than BTS? Daebak

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dot com bubble

6. There are over 4 million pre-orders, but it’s strange that they can’t even hold a concert at Jamsil Stadium

I KNOW. Like, people drag ARMYs for “mass buying” but ARMYs can actually back up the sales with streams and concert attendance. And yetttt, these other groups can’t even fill bigger arenas and their fans think their idols can compete with BTS. Like… nahhhh.


they didn’t… SVT has played Gocheok Sky Dome but not the stadium…
they’ve played the Indoor “stadium” which is an arena and the auxiliary stadium which is again not the main stadium

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Taking the whole concept of mass buying and Cmmt 4’s environmental concern, I think companies should implement smt like a hybrid model to offer both physical albums, as well as smt similar to what JitB was (esp for ppl who buy multiple copies bc they only want the extras from the other album versions without the cd). And it’d also be interesting to see how actual sales would compare.

But still, I’m against completely taking away physical albums–I still want a physical of JitB.


Typical bitter armys when other idols actually beat bts in one of the categories lmfao they all be like, “ok you did this but you can’t do that?” Literally everyone just moving at their own pace, why are you guys feeling so threatened? Hahaha. Congrats seventeen


because they have a lot of chinese and japanese fans that cant pay a trip to korea to go to a concert but are known for mass buying techniques in every fandom, compare to bts that has a huge domestic fandom


They should include how many versions per album.

Geo | ❄️🌟

3 versions this time 🙂 face the sun last year had 5.


Stop lying it’s 13 versions


they literally have 1004004 versions TT which is fine but cmon comparing this with bts sure haha


418 pcs for svt. Like they dnt even entering any global spotify streams.


Jamsil Auxiliary stadium NOT the main stadium lol. You can literally search it up that its not the main olympic stadium.


girl dont lie you just dont know their achivements lol


skz and svt frauds they dont even get 2m streaming debuts on spotify


“skz more famous internationally” yet they cant crack 2m streams on spotify debut ? its their fans mass buying, the sales and charts and streams dont match at all. and most of their music videos SINCE DEBUT are carried by ads.

Blackpink the youtube slaves

bundlepink nowhere to be seen


The only place I see them is in your comments

dot com bubble

Exactly. No real achievements whatsoever.


Besides in your mind living rent free


Yes go kings 4M with dozens of album 😍

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

who this faqing nugus. 4 millions of mass buying


Your name completely shows who is respectful


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Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 slút cycles

I bet 4th gen ggs maybe aespa gonna break bp’s record soon cause it’s not so high anyways and we all will see how feminist blonks are

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 slút cycles

Your username applies more to your girlie jennifer, from yg–> gd—> teddy–> kai–> jeremy wow 😲

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

The way army’s try to insert their fav into everything. Ijbol

??? What insert? BTS are on the list and in the title. Of course, they’re going to be talked abt. But I’m not surprised you lack reading comprehension.

dot com bubble

Because BTS is on the list so many times while your favs will disappear from the top 10 soon 😘


Nothing bad for buying a lot of album but i hope they have more support in streaming as well so they can get a good results at Billboard and other charts.


seems like they are not targeting billboard. But, u are right about streaming. The way they are united with other fandom to shit on Jimin and Suga streaming last few weeks, I just want to see their streaming numbers. If MOTS7 debut with 30+M streams(on spotify) on day 1, so I expect them to do more than 30M


BE is missing

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