K-pop girl groups on Billboard Streaming Charts

Guys, don’t you think that the behavior of New jeans charting in the US is weird?

From the outside, it looks like they have a lot of hits and are hugely popular among locals, but how come they spend 3 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 without entering the US streaming chart? All BLACKPINK title songs since Ddu-de Ddu-du chart there and Fifty-Fifty got its entry immediately alongside the debut of Cupid on the Hot 100.

I admit I didn’t think much about it initially because Twice also didn’t make the US Streaming Chart even though they had two Hot 100 entries. But Twice only spent one week on the official Billboard charts.

New jeans stayed there for 3 weeks though, and even though we know that New jeans is hugely known in the K-pop community, an US Streaming Chart entry would prove the success and popularity HYBE and Min Heejin’s Ador have been claiming to them.

The only plausible reason I could find for this is royalty-driven algorithms tools that boost New jeans reach on Spotify and Apple Music. It simultaneously decreases the equivalent value of 1 stream.

How can a song manage to hit 500k daily streams for months in the US like Ditto and OMG (surpassing even BLACKPINK’s biggest hits in accumulated charting streams in the country in a few weeks) and not be able to chart in Billboard most reliable streaming  chart for that said country?

It’s sad that HYBE/Ador is willing to change the way of listening just to try to find an alternative global front-runner to BTS. 

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Geo | ❄️🌟

How about just focusing on your faves and not wasting your time wondering about other group’s streaming? Y’all are OBSESSED with numbers and it’s honestly pathetic.


op said the truth stop crying😂


Its true tho. They didn’t enter hot 100 untill they get into TTH and other bug playlists


OMG got onto billboard before getting on TTH, so thats a lie


OMG was added on TTH by january 10th. Had a debut on Hot 100 by 18th. Also, OMG was only included in the playlist with removal of Ditto, proving that in fact you must pay for high playlisting.


If you focus too much on one thing you’re gonna trip yourself out with conspiracies and seeing things that are not there.

its not that deep. imagine not being able ot listen to music bc you’re worried about charts and streaming… none of that money or sucess is going to you so don’t worry about it


people started seeing through the bs


there’s no bs, you guys are just jealous


They’re just following the fraud footsteps of blackpink and blinks are mad it’s working for another gg too😭 this time a gg with better music at that


BeTtEr MusiC where🤣


Definitely not at YG, the Teddy factory lol


I agree with your statement except the better music one. Both grp aint special lol. One have club song and the other one have sm bside song lol


Fraud footsteps? Newjeans literally did not debut in Billboard Streaming Song chart like Fifty fifty and Blackpink did. The only fraud here is Payola Jeans. OMG is still in TTH despite being out of Top 50 in Global and US spotify chart


Now hold on, you got me thinking hmmm. It’s rigged.


say whatever u want but this is all real…


The idiots here think Billboard will actually let Asians rig the Hot100 lol. Gg stans are so pathetic.


You on the other hand are illiterate.


lmao asians are actually obessesed with rigging the hot100, kris wu Chinese fans were the biggest example and they did it all from china


If I ever get to the point where I’m so obsessed and mad about the success of a kpop group that I sit around analyzing their charts and make a post about it on pannkpop, I’ll be sure to end it all because life just won’t be worth living atp.


Your mother named you Tovey, sit down.


Blinks will cry if they discover that OMG single album with only 2 songs has more streams in US than Bornpink and The Album.


Everyone’s knows about that and guess what? Only one group is seen as fraudulent by everyone and not just the Army Mob.


Twice is the best selling group rn and the most streamed in the u.s last year. this year they’re performing in sold out NFL stadiums in the us. so I guess their success there is fully proven organic


They were the most streamed gg on Spotify US but overall it was BP again in the US


I was talking about twice’s success there no need to mention bp here cuz frankly Idgaf about them

Last edited 7 months ago by tfffffff

they have a big fanbase but that seems to be about it


it’s payola 😂😂😂 even 50/50 are charting thanks to it lmaoooo


Not a Blink but it’s funny how New Jeans’ payola is far more blatant and yet no one bats an eye.

Their company and their fans use the “They’re minors ☹️” card every time someone dares to rightfully call them out.

New Jeans didn’t earn their success. HYBE paid for their success.

Last edited 7 months ago by Guest

Lmao bp has been caught paying spotify, payed a lot of influencers lmaoooo u think kpop is organic? Newsflash


Can you read? I said, “New Jeans’ payola is far more blatant”. I know that YG has powerful connections in the music industry and uses them for Black Pink.

My issue is that one group gets called out for it, including spreading rumors of a member sleeping with with higher-ups from streaming services, while the other group gets a pass because they’re… minors?


new jeans are industry plants

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