K-pop idol album sales ranking by generation

1st generation

2nd generation

3rd generation

4th generation

[+34, -12]

1. [+44, -4] 39 million copies, crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+36, -3] BTSㄷㄷ

3. [+26, -4] Wow, TWICE is seriously crazy… They sell more albums than any other male idolㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+12, -2] Is Stray Kids 4th generation? What is the difference between them and The Boyz?

5. [+10, -5] Why is Stray Kids 4th generation?

6. [+7, -1] Summary: Male Idol – BTS, Female Idol – TWICE. They are on another level

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bts being the legends lol


3 things, 1 Boa really is the OG of social distancing because damn, girls literally on top for 2 gens and only TVXQ managed to beat her.

And 2, people make fun of SM but they really know how to make groups. They are consistently at or near the top for every gen. I mean 4/10 of gen 1 for BG’s are SM and another is a group of former SM idols taking them to 5.

And 3, SM really excels with BG’s. Top 3 of 2nd gen are SM and 4/10 in 3rd gen are SM.


And blonks think bundlepink is more popular than Twice lmao


I hate blonks too but you dont use this as marker of popularity, blackpink barely releases albums, unlike twice who had no hiatus


Sales =/= popularity. Come on you’re not that dumb. Oh wait you really are!


The only reason twice sells like that is bc they have like 3 comebacks a year 😭 it would be embarrasing if they had as many albums as they do and still had less accumulative sales than blackpink 🥴


Last Korean album was FOL – Nov 12, 2021
Last Japanese Album was Perfect World – July 28, 2021

So going by their mainline Korean release their last comeback is going on about 7-8 months ago.


you’re comparing a group that comeback 3 times a year to a group that has been on hiatus for 2 years…


BP is more popular than TWICE and that’s a fact. Only delusional onces still believe TWICE is relevant when no one cares about them that’s why their songs keep flopping since 2018. The only reason TWICE has more album sales than BP is because BP has 2 minis, 1 single and 1 full album LMAO TWICE has like 9847598475 albums it’s actually a shame they can only sell 11 million albums after releasing like 3 albums every year, tragic.


AESPA’s total album sales will reach 2M++ copies after their second mini album “Girls” is released

Legend bitch

Nope. Pre order dosent count in actual album sales


THE BOYZ being 3rd gen? lol they literally competed with SKZ in rookie awards at the time they debuted, the same applies to fromis_9 who competed with iz*one, (g)-idle, loona and etc..this doesn’t make sense, so both of them are 4th gen too!

Last edited 11 months ago by Ryo

they debuted in 2017, they definitely are 3rd gen. SKZ and Ateez are more like late 3rd gen than 4th gen though


SKZ is not the fourth generation. They are the last part of the third (3.5). I feel like anyone who is almost half way through their contract (ATEEZ, G-IDLE, SKZ) is not of the fourth generation.


I think 4th gen started the year they debuted, which was 2018. Since a new gen starts every 7 years.


no it doesn’t start every 7 years, it starts whenever a shift is felt… previous gens were longer like 2nd gen is practically the whole 2000s
2019 is more like the start


Not every seven years 3rd gen started in 2013 so by your reasoning 4th gen should be 2020…


Boa queen


Comparing 1st , 2nd gen with 3rd & 4th gen never made sense to me

what happened to disqus?

No but WannaOne really made history, and obviously the 3rd generation trinity EX-BANG-SEV <33


Girls generation remain the only gg to have a higher selling album than boygroups (Oh! was the best selling album of 2010 and The boys in 2011)


stray kids and the Boyz are both 3rd gen, just late 3rd gen. they just want to call themselves 4th gen despite having much seniority on the rest of the gen so their results look good


TVXQ was considered 2nd gen even though they debuted in December 2003 and Second gen started in 2005.
Stray kids debuted in 2018 and The Boyz in December of 2017 Fourth gen started 2019 what’s the difference?


👑👑Twice and BTS legends 👑👑


bts and twice are making history just in front of our eyes


Stray dogz will say their favs are still rookies when it suits them


This is not actual sales but shipments. Txt will be #1 with actual sales. Everyone knows bullykidz always overshipped their albums but never sold just like nct


Damn BoA!
Was not expecting SHINee to be the 2nd highest in the 2nd gen.
Surprised at SNSD, Twice, Seventeen, and TXT too! All the NCT units combined make for a powerhouse.
Not surprised by BTS.


SHINee has always been releasing albums.


Definitely didn’t count SS501 cause they in total have at least 2million sold. Hyun-Joong alone sold 1millon+

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