Kakao becoming SM’s 2nd largest shareholder is so dangerous

Kakao shares are largely owned by Tencent (China)

K-pop will gradually depend on China

1. SM likes China, but Kakao becoming SM’s 2nd largest shareholder is horrible

2. I really hate Kakao

3. Looks like SM officials are not aware of China’s takeover culture

4. I really hate this

5. But what about SM… Doesn’t SM love China?

6. They will make money by targeting the Chinese market and make the Chinese dream come true because there is a lot of Chinese capital

7. Is Lee Soo Man the only one talking about the Chinese dream in SM?

8. Even if it’s not Kakao, SM’s love for China is already huge

9. Who cares? HYBE doing the best these days

10. Anyway, SM always likes China

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“corrupt company acquires failing corrupt company”

It is what it is

Pretty sure LSM isn’t on board with this change.
objectively speaking, one thing is to promote in china to make them spend in your groups and another is to want them to be mayor shareholders


of course LSM wasn’t on board because he can no longer funnel funds to his fraud company lol good riddance to that old man


Where are all the monopoly thinkpieces about kakao from kpoppies?


MMA and melon charts are gonna be interesting this year.

Another Guest

Melon better not act up, Youtube Music has already surpassed them this year I believe. They show any sign of favoritism, people are not gonna like it lol.


honestly this can either goes well or wrong at any time tbh , and lsm is suing them too so not sure if this is gonna affect the artists.

Kinda bittersweet to see how this happened to them , I used to stan SNSD back then , I became a casual fan/listener after Jessica left but oh well this is probably their karma or something


SM has been on the decline for like 5 years already, the last truly big artist they had was exo.

Another Guest

Aespa had the potential to be big but of course SM fumbled the bag lmao.


Don’t make it so obvious that you don’t know anything about SM. If all you call big artist is being known by the public, I have news for you. Since NCT debuted, their strategy was never to be known by the public. They set out to have a big fandom and they succeeded. All the festivals and award shows they attend seem like NCT concerts. And they are currently SM’s best selling artists (28 million). NCT has already paid off SM’s debts, but SM got back into the food business they went bankrupt and that’s why SM is doing silly things.


is that why that why sm bought daesangs for nct 127 and dream even though their stats were below the true winners?


SM collapse will be the end of NCT


If SM doesn’t want to collapse, they need NCT. Their only big moneymaker, NCT, has just finished a 700k concert tour with NCT 127. They sell around 10 million albums every year. SM is putting most of their artists on tour right now, since the main money making things are album sales and tours.

Another Guest

And people said HYBE is monopolizing the industry lmao. Kakao is so much bigger and more powerful than HYBE but ofc kpop stans just like to hate on HYBE and its artists for no reason.


they’re both bad but you’re right

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