Kang Daniel apologized for his controversy, but what about his personality?

Kang Daniel: “To be really honest, it’s so comfortable because they’re all men. I’m happy because I won’t have my energy sucked out. I was really scared on ‘Street Woman Fighter’ but I’m happier now.”

Kang Daniel apologized for hurting his fans

1. I think he needs to be careful with his mouth

2. I don’t know if his personality is good or bad, but this reporter is weird

3. Journalists, please take care of your personality

4. But seriously, why? Maybe it’s because he wasn’t thinking while typing…?

5. Why is his personality like that?

6. A mistake can be just one mistake, but many times? Then it’s just his personality

7. Kang Daniel is not good, but this reporter has no right to say that

8. I’m not really a fan of Kang Daniel, but I think that reporter is an anti of him

9. When he closes his mouth, he seems mature-minded, but when he opens his mouth, he’s really unattractive and rude

10. That’s what Kang Daniel himself said.. He has to be careful with his words

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