Kang Daniel got divided opinions after doing the ‘Run BTS’ challenge

Kang Daniel does ‘Run BTS’ challenge

Kang Daniel on the left

1. I love Kang Daniel’s dance! It’s neat and good

2. Wow, Kang Daniel is so good at dancing

3. Kang Daniel’s dance is my favorite, so I hope he dances a lot

4. I only see the person on the right

5. Wow, he’s really good. Kang Daniel and the choreographer are both good

6. I like Kang Daniel’s dance because it’s neat ㅋㅋㅋ Both are goodㅋㅋㅋ

7. The one on the right dances so well, I thought the one on the right was Kang Daniel

8. I don’t really like Kang Daniel, but he seems to be good at dancing

9. Kang Daniel loves to dance and does a lot of challenges

10. There are many experts here. Everyone can dance and enjoy it in their own style

11. As expected, Kang Daniel dances so well

12. The person on the left dance looks weak, and the person on the right dances much better. Who is Kang Daniel?

13. Seriously, I don’t think he dances well

14. I liked the one on the right more so I thought the one on the right was Kang Daniel, but looking at the comments, it looks like he’s a dancer

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is he on the left or right? bc the left is meh and the right is pretty good


hes on the left


Ngl, he looked kinda stiff

But I wasn’t done…

The reason why kpop groups can’t compete with BTS on dancing even with “great” dancers in their groups… because they are robotic and super uninformed like cheerleaders. It’s the reason why Daniel didn’t look good here. Too restrained.


another dozen


Kang Daniel is the left shark here


To be fair, it doesn’t look like he’s trying that hard. He didn’t do anything wrong per se, he’s just got no sauce


He lacks energy, it’s as if he was doing it out of obligation, to record this, it would have been better if he hadn’t even tried. 


He looks stiff…..


Wow is ‘half-ass’ called ‘neat’ nowadays…


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