Kang Daniel caused controversy after getting 1st place today

1st place today

1. I’m sorry but I don’t know Kang Daniel’s song and I don’t hear it on the street

2. What the hell? I didn’t even know his album was released

3. Did he do well on the encore stage? The last time I saw him, he seemed embarrassed when he received the trophy

4. Please tell me the secret. Can a song that’s only in the top 1000 of the charts do this?

5. Kang Daniel didn’t hold his concert? You can know how many core fans he has at the concert

6. What’s the secret, I’m curious

7. Why is he always controversial? Please share your secret

8. How did he do it… I’m really curious

9. Just kidding, but did he really beat a group with 1.8 million copies in two days???

10. Seriously, please share your tips

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