Kang Dong Won’s side responds to the dating rumor with Rosé

Regarding the dating rumors with Rosé, Kang Dong Won’s side said, “It is true that he went to a place with close friends…”

Kang Dong Won’s agency said, “It is true that he went to a place with close friends, but because it is the artist’s private schedule, we can’t confirm it.”

1. Even though GD is 8 years older than Jennie, he is still criticized for being oldㅋㅋㅋ Kang Dong Won is like Rosé’s uncle

2. The two of them are adults, so what’s the problem?

3. This is true…? Well, it’s true that Kang Dong Won is handsome….. but he’s a bit old;;

4. The two of them are adults and they are dating because they love each other, but why are you guys criticizing their relationship????

5. Rosé was born in 1997, right? She’s just a kid compared to Kang Dong Won..ㅠㅠ

6. Even if the age gap is 20 years old, I still want to date Kang Dong Won

7. Is Rosé a kid? She knows what she should do

8. They’re dating because they love each other, but why do you guys care about the age gap…?

9. From now on, whenever I see Rosé and Kang Dong Won, I will only think of the 16 year age gap

10. I hope they break up soon

11. Wow, I guess they’re dating

12. I’m just jealous of them… Kang Dong Won, who is dating a global star, and Rosé, who is dating one of Korea’s top actors…

13. A combination I never thought of

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damn looks like bp have a thing for old hags lol both jennie and rose dating oldies


oh my gosh they are 100000000% togeher


woah why the other two comment so nasty


this lowkey confirm it, hope she could get professionals helps instead of relying old men 😔


Oldman= all those old man on YG


wait.. he’s 42??


yes 🙁


the delusion


what tae has never even attended the met mater a fact it was rose who attended the met


But Kang had invited your boy as his date for met but since he was at White House he didn’t attend. Just Google it 🤣


the voices in your head getting too loud your actually crazy it’s not taes fault rose in dating this man


It is V’s fault for having a flat 🍑 and not keeping kang satisfied


You mistaking Jennie with V


No matter how ur deluded urself but ur fav still the one who dating kang do won lmao

Last edited 7 months ago by maomao69

Stop projecting ur own twinks miserable life on tae lmaoo

Ladyboy lisa

Eww old man ass lickers


Neither she nor Jennie should be dating Korean men.

Color color stan

Dw larry, they’re not dating, they’re just 👉👌 ikyk 🤭

Color color stan

Don’t go turning the tables Blinkpink lolololol your girlie got caught already with that hag jeremy in a hotel and now got caught with this old man too, seems like your girlies really living up to their reputation 🤭

Color color stan

Excellent job yg, now nobody is talking about the coke, king of mediaplay fr 👑


Blonk are crying. Their fav really date an old hag. The 97 liner handsome idol like eunwoo, jk, mingyu and jaehyun didnt even want to date her. Thank god jaehyun escape from her delusional fan. He deserve a pretty and kind girl


omg..why the comment so toxic..


And to think that these cmmts are mostly from women… sike


Nah they hang out because he is dating Rose and Jennie is dating V at this point it is already undeniable


Slutshaming is just disgusting

Teenaged puppy

I hope he doesn’t develop a coke addiction by being with her.


yeah so they’re definitely dating 💀


These girlies really have a geriatric fetish




This man had literally invited that pretty lil twinki Flophyung as his date for MET last year and again for his movie premiere. And that boy was clinging on to this man. So I think Kang × V


YG just gave new statement n said they denied. Oh wow i guess they broke up then..


both of them doesn’t want to lose their fans. He doesn’t want to labeled as korean leonardo dicaprio and who knows probably they’re still dating behind the scenes


from crinkly white dick to crinkly asian dick… it’s a pattern atp

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