Karina says it’s all lie that celebrities don’t have time

Karina says it’s all lie that celebrities don’t have time

in My Alcohol Diary, Karina revealed that she reached level 9926 in the game ‘Gardenscapes’ and is the top 1 in Korea

Lee Young Ji asked, “Did you even have time for that?”

Karina said, “I do have a lot of time. It’s all lie that celebrities don’t have time. Because so much time is spent on moving, and so much time for waiting something, it’s impossible not to play even one game.”

1. Wow, this is my first time seeing her, she’s so pretty… She looks like a doll

2. Sometimes I wonder if idols think of Bubble like chatting with friends

3. Why are there so many comments?? She’s right, what’s the problem?

4. Why are you guys angry about this?? Are you a celebrity???

5. Karina is a celebrity, but are the kids making a fuss here celebrities too??

6. A lot of time is spent on moving and waiting, but they don’t have time to meet people

7. Of course, Karina understands better than kids who are angry about celebrities having a lot of time or not, why are they saying such things here?

8. Except for the members who are composers and the members who have a lot of individual activities.. Honestly, she’s right

9. If she said this, what would the celebrities who said they didn’t have time become?

10. There are times when they are so busy and there are times when they have a lot of time

11. I’m so sad and jealous. I can’t make money and I don’t have time

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Seungri Oppa ❤️

Don’t worries, go to Seungri Oppa ❤️ business he can give you the time of your life.


Tell that to Jennie fans 🤷‍♂️


Bp isn’t that busy
Only one comeback a year
And from past one a half yeat thry are more into solo activities


aespa don’t make comebacks that often that’s why they have time. but other idols are 24/7 busy….


U literally dont understand what she said at all. What she meant is that all those idols schedule are so hectics that the only free time they got are from time when they are moving to places to attend events or shows, doing make up, waiting in the waiting room ect. So basically a free time while you are also working non stop.


That’s not free time though??? They’re still at work/in the middle of an event/schedule. They cant just leave or whatever. They wouldn’t be able to meet up with a friend or got out to get some food whilst waiting to film an MV or something like that.


We saw with the Bruno Mars concert LOL


Kpoppies mad because free time means oppa and unnie have time to date and it destroys the overworked idol narrative

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