Karina wearing a black suit attends the UN Forum in New York in real time

They spoke at the UN Forum and performed ‘Next Level’

1. Every time I see her, her proportions are amazing

2. She has a long neck, so the suit suits her

3. Well…. She looks like a young woman who is successful in her career

4. Well, it’s the best Karina I’ve seen so far

5. Wow, I see Suzy’s vibes, I didn’t know Karina was this pretty

6. I think she has the most perfect face out of all the people I’ve seen in my life

7. She looks like a flight attendant

8. Wow seriously, she’s like an AI

9. Why did they come to the UN? I’m just curious

10. Wow, she’s so pretty, I can’t even put it into words

11. Her face and proportions are crazy ㅠㅠ

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