Karina who ripped the ending with her face

1. She really looks like CG, how is she this pretty??

2. Her shape and facial features are perfect

3. Her facial features are really crazy.. She’s so f*cking pretty

4. I really like Karina ㅠㅠ She’s really good on stage

5. I want to live with that face, she’s seriously pretty

6. Her image has changed a lot from when she was a dancer of Taemin

7. She looks more like CG than CG

8. She’s good on stage.. She’s good at dancing and singing, and she’s even cute on variety shows

9. I don’t think she’s human

10. When I first saw Karina, I was surprised that there really is someone who looks like this

11. My mother watched TV and said she looks like a dollㅋㅋ My mother said that she’s so pretty

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