Karina’s fancam thumbnail on M Countdown today, looks like Maetel

1. What is Maetel?

-> Maetel is one of the protagonists of the Galaxy Express 999

2. Could someone be born like this…? Seriously, she doesn’t seem to be of the same race as me

3. Karina is a god

4. She really looks like Maetel

5. She’s so pretty and she’s really good on stage

6. Her visuals seem to be the one top of the 4th generation

7. I don’t think she’s human, no matter how I look at her

8. Seriously, she looks the prettiest among the Koreans

9. I thought black hair was perfect for her, but she also looks good with blonde hair…

10. How could I not love this girl…?

11. Her face is crazy, she’s so pretty

12. She really has it all

13. Karina is a hot girl

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Karina and Ningning slayed the Salty and Sweet stage. I watched their individual fancams a few times each and I love how they execute the choreo! And both of them looked gorgeous <3


This woman has more plastic than landfils


what did they do to her healthy, beautiful hair? jesus christ

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