KBS Song Festival (Sullyoon, Minji, Hyein, Eunchae, Leeseo) ‘Love like Oxygen’ cover stage

1. Wow their visuals are the best ㅠㅠ I love this song ㅠㅠ

2. Wow I love Minji so much

3. Leeseo’s voice is so good

4. Minji stands out the most

5. This song suits Eunchae the best, she dances well, and her style is good too

6. Eunchae and Minji are good at dancing

7. Sullyoon sings well… Her face is amazing

8. The members are all pretty, but the song sounds a bit sad

9. Minji seems to dance better than I thought

10. Sullyoon is perfect, I like her visuals and skills

11. The members of NewJeans did so well

12. Minji is so pretty and talented

13. Leeseo is really good, she uses facial expressions so well

14. The future of K-pop is so bright…

15. They are so pretty and they did well

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eunchae stands out the most to me in this performance like she’s just so cheerful in here


Sullyoon an absolute package!!


I’ll never get tired of saying this, eunchae is so cute, i love her, her performance and visuals are the best, I wish she had more center time, it’s never enough 🥺
Also, I’m surprised Sullyoon sings that well, usually visuals are just visuals 😅

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Wtf sullyoon is not any other visuals you talking about. That girl can do anything


leeseo did so well


The lip sync is severe


minji is a handsome girl 🤧 she did well


Sullyoon has a visual like you can only look at her the first time. Her visual is on next level honestly. Plus she is also very talented.

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