Kep1er will disband in July without renewing their contract

[Exclusive] Kep1er’s expansion of activities finally failed… to disband in July without renewal

Girl group Kep1er ended their journey of 2 years and 6 months

According to Star News’ exclusive report on the 25th, Kep1er members will return to their respective agencies at the end of July. Before ending their activities, they plan to say a final goodbye to their fans by promoting the album and holding a concert

1. Time passes so fast

2. They are so popular in Japan but it’s a pity that they will disband

3. Wow, even though they are so popular in Japan, they will disband, so what will happen?

4. Well, there’s nothing we can do.. Currently, some of the members’ agencies are probably waiting for their activities to end so they can prepare for the new group’s debut

5. After WA DA DA, everything was bad

6. They are still popular in Japan, it’s a pity

7. This is because the management companies are preparing for the group’s debut

8. Xiaoting, please stay in Korea.. ㅠㅠ

9. Considering how popular they are in Japan, it’s a shame… I wish Xiaoting would stay in Korea

10. Do you think things will be good if they disband? Just looking at Wanna One, there is no group that debuted and did well (except NU’EST because they are the original group)

11. I just feel sorry for the fans

12. Companies are not satisfied with just their popularity in Japan

13. Please hold a concert domestically at least once

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