Netizens wonder why Kep1er and NMIXX got Favorite New Artist instead of NewJeans

Where is NewJeans?… MAMA winner is questionable

There are countless questions about the evaluation criteria for the FAVORITE NEW ARTIST category that IVE, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM and Kep1er have won

1. Are Kep1er and NMIXX better than NewJeans?

2. Let’s make NewJeans more successful next year

3. I feel sorry for them, but first of all, their promotion period is the shortest

4. Maybe it’s because of HYBE, so they’re publishing articles like this

5. These girls will be more successful in the future

6. I feel sorry for NewJeans, they created an award with weird standards to give to Kep1er and NMIXX

7. What can we do? They set standards and care about the group they created

8. But you have to sell 1 million copies if you want to get this award

9. NewJeans will do better next year, fighting

10. NewJeans, let’s do better next year

11. But I think NewJeans will do better next year anyway. Let’s sweep the awards next year

12. How can a rookie without a fandom sell 1 million copies? This standard is weird

13. I feel sorry for NewJeans and (G)I-DLE

14. Do you remember how many albums Kep1er and NMIXX have released this year?

15. NewJeans, who got #1 on the music charts, didn’t get what Kep1er and NMIXX got. It’s just a comedy

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ended all the ‘hybe paid for awards’ debates 😹


They will make other accusation, “Hybe money all goes to paid award for BTS”. 🙄🙄🙄

Grace Walker

Lol, Hybe, does not need to pay anyone for BTS, always winning awards. BTS, have the stats to backup their wins.


Beacause their accumulate album sales did not surpass 1m. New Jeans’ fans are so dramatic. Thinking everything revolves around NJ

No 1

If it was about sales shouldn’t bp twice aespa ive should bag every other female award in mama.
Mama also sees digital points and actually give more judgement to that criteria than to sales. There was no way nj wouldn’t win. Their debut was sensation. It’s okay in coming times nj will be the topmost fourth gen gg.

No 1

And aespa and twice wasn’t even able to bag anything. Well twice would have if mama wouldn’t have suddenly decided to get that dude top 10 award in place of them but still.


its ROOKIES who sold 1M albums. I didnt know aespa and twice and BP is rookies lol


Mnet just denied the 1M sales criteria in a new article lol they picked who they wanted that’s the criteria. I wonder how did they beef so hard with literal kids


new jeans robbed. the only top 3 rookie girl groups this year are ive, new jeans and le sserafim when it comes to physical sales and charts.

kepler and nmixx are nugus in korea no one cares about them!


NMIXX is equal to others in album sales too. They arent charting well sinc korean gp is not used to mixxpop. I can understand your fav isnt get an award and youre furious about it. MAMA gave favourite new artist award based on album sales. i.e ROOKIES who sold 1M albums. And Nmixx and Kep1er falls in that category. Calling them nugu or anything wont change the fact.


the 1million sales things is a myth. mama never confirmed that.


Sorry for something different from this news. But do you ppl also get bird type sound whenever you refresh twitter feed? I just wanna know the names of the bird species whose sounds are used in that. It sounds like I have heard those sounds somewhere but I really can’t makeout where.


Favorite New Artist is for Rookies who sold 1M albums! New jeans just debuted so they didnt sell 1M! They will surely do next year.

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