Kim Minju really has visionary eyes

She refused to join LE SSERAFIM debut lineup several times

[+281, -26]

1. [+247, -11] Her face is seriously pretty but it’s not the type of actress. She’s the prettiest and most attractive when she’s on stage… It’s been 1 year since IZ*ONE disbanded but she still has no next project, her career is only Music Core MC so it’s a pity.. If she had been popular with the public like Kim Sejeong, Hyeri, Jung Eunji during IZ*ONE days, she could have done well as an actress, but it’s a pity..

2. [+208, -2] She has no talent for being an idol, so she had a hard time practicing the choreography

3. [+101, -0] I understand because they cast a girl who wanted to be an actress a long time ago

4. [+77, -1] Honestly, Kim Minju has no place as an actress right now.. Even Go Yoon Jung or rookie actresses, these actresses still haven’t got the right roles. Kim Minju can only act in web dramas. I don’t know if her acting skills are not good or not, but even if she didn’t do web dramas, there wouldn’t be any dramas for her, the acting industry is already saturated

5. [+69, -1] But if Kim Minju agreed, they wouldn’t have put Kim Garam in the group, right? There’s something about Kim Minju’s image that overlaps with hers

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