LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon and Kim Minju’s dating pictures

The pictures have just been posted on weverse

Former IZ*ONE member Kim Minju

1. Ah.. Why am I touched by the meeting of these two?

2. It’s the meeting of the princesses

3. These are the crazy dating pictures of 2023

4. Kim Kim is legendary..

5. Kim Minju is crazy, why is she so pretty?

6. The two of them grew up so well ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. I’m so happy now.. Since when did Kim Kim grow up?

8. The person Chaewon is closest to in IZ*ONE is Jena and Minju, I want to see Minju’s next project soon

9. Both are cute and pretty

10. I hope Minju is doing well too ㅠㅠ

11. This combination is amazing

12. Crazy.. The two of them are still so close

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What have Minju been up to? She hasn’t updated her ig in weeks last time I checked
Neither does she get acting roles, only some promotional stuff on ig. It’s worse than Hyewon
I wonder how she feels about not joining hybe. She was big and could have negotiated with them to get a role but instead has to audition with millions of other girls(which she did and in 1 year all she got is a small role)
While non izone lsf girls get 1m likes on their posts and plenty of cfs. She could have been huge and maybe even on Wonyoung level. She really fumbled and didn’t think this through. Probably thought roles would swim to her from everywhere


I feel like Idol’s life is not for Minjoo like she’s not stupid to decline HYBE’s offer thinking their group wouldn’t do well like she knew they already had Sakura and Chaewon at that time but their schedule is crazy and she obviously knew it. Maybe she just enjoys her quiet life without constant promotions and she has enough by cf deals she gets because if i had a financial pillow i would decide not to do much too


As big as Wonyoung is crazy, Wonyoung exploded because of her charm+high class image+princess personality+face+height+proportions+improvement especially in singing etc.etc.

Also she just has “IT” which is why she became the 4th gen IT girl. She’s basically 1 in a million, and a generational idol

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Shes just nugu


Lots of producers and directors want to sleep with rookie actress

I bet that’s an issue for minju
She should’ve joined le sserafim with chaewon. 2kim was the most popular ship in izone


A popular ex idol is not at the same level as a rookie actress, especially if they’re signed in a big company(Soop company). They have the fandom, viewership pull and big company backing


LMAO you think producers, directors,execs, investors, powerful chaebols and politicians won’t sleep with idols?
No one is safe in the industry from them and sponsors, especially if it’s super popular young idols (double if it’s a mid sized company who don’t have power to reject) including the girlie that is your name who, I don’t have to be a psychic to know, will transition into acting later


Dude not everyone is immoral like you, and not everyone is desperate enough to do what you’re insinuating, especially Wonyoung who can get everything she wants and have all the money, Minju too as she has the money, popularity, big company backing that has big influence and seemingly unlimited supply of endorsements. Popular rich idols who are in big&influential company and can retire with endorsement money is not desperate enough to stoop that low


What you’re describing is only nugu or unpopular actors/actress/idols that have not tasted success and is desperate enough to set aside their morals, successful idols/actors have all the leeway and are set for life

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