Knetz are impressed with V’s overflowing energy in the new BTS’ RUN dance practice

V is really cool. While choreographing with power, Taehyung’s talent is overflowing with

1. A real stage genius, choreography expression is the best

2. Full of genius

3. When he smiles and when he dances, his expression is really delicious

4. I hope Taehyung can perform on stage for a long, long time. you’re a real legend

5. When I see V, I don’t feel like spending money at all. It’s like an idol who just opens a real wallet. It’s so high quality

6. He was flying around in the choreography video. Seriously full-time genius ㅜㅜ he’s a good guy

7. He’s so handsome, he dances like that, and he has an eccentric expression, and he looks like he’s just playing with the stage. I can see why he’s really famous

8. V really seems to perfectly express the concept no matter what stage he performs. Even in this month’s room, he perfectly digests like a person wearing custom clothes

9. V is really handsome, but he’s a genius at his job. He’s really born to enjoy it, but he’s really good at it

10. V has the magical power to attract people who stand out from a distance, so you can’t help but be charmed

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Oh yeah, Tae came in and completely bodied his part omg~


Our tae always show his %200 on stage or performances. All of bts members known as stage genius. Everyone can see tae’s passion in performing 💜


Guys don’t forget to vote bts Mama, AMAs and idol plus please


King Taehyung, his charisma is unique.


he owns the stage,plays with it,fuck it,sets it on fire & doesn’t matter he’s dancing or just standing at the far back with eyes closed.
& he does it so naturally that it makes it look so easy

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tae ate that shit up! what made him different is that instead of only dancing the dance move, he’s feeling himself and the choreo. he channelled it his own way. its so fun to see him performing.


He owns this choreo the best. It’s his, a true stage genius.


Finally a post about his talents! Tae is really the best at swagger and vibe dancing. He becomes the song and it’s so smooth in his movements like he doesn’t have to think about his next move it just flows. Rookie bible indeed

But I wasn’t done…



He is the most underrated idol in existence. If an ugly member had his level of talent armys would have hyped him to the max but he is constantly put down by his own fandom cuz they are too threatened by his looks. His voice is also unique and magical and provides so much substance to bts songs. He also writes, produces, composed bts most successful bside. Is most renowned for his fashion among the industry peers and is the only debuted actor, also their best model. There has never been an idol like him nor a performer on his level. He captivates and charms and makes dancing look so fun and easy.

But atleast actual professional idols who are trained in this very field and have seen hundreds of idols consistently put V as their role model. They watch his videos to learn. Not Jhope, not jungkook and jimin gets some too but not as much as taehyung >> and that speaks volumes about the impact he has without even any titles to make him stand out by the company. His high fancam views arent just bc of his fans but the industry professionals are watching him to learn how to completely own the stage like he does >>>

Dot Com

Every sentence was the gospel truth. It’s like armys ignore him because they fear him out pacing the group. There are way too many ot6 big accounts that actually get defended by armys for it not to be done purposely. The fandom creates its own solo stans and then gets shocked that they exist. This can be said about all three maknaes but Tae’s case is a bit worse.

He never seems to have army behind him like the others and you have to wonder why?

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that because they only see tae as the ot7 cheerleader but was threaten by him because most of them bias other members. its hard to see ot7 tae bias as a big account nowadays. they used to be alot back then but most of then have been “cancelled” and reported to s word. so its sad to see this fandom have become to this state.


after i think so many months he danced with some energy cause in recent months he looked bored tf with all the group activities but lets face it he is nothing without the group ,he will not be a successful soloist in the future ,his fan will love whatever song he put out but i don’t think he will be gp favourite ,he is just visual of a group ,he is useless in all the talents


But I prefer deep/baritone voice over tenor. And he really has a masculine aura, unlike Korean men who look cute and beautiful. Now bts is on hiatus, let’s see how V’s career looks like in the future, what will it be like
you expect or not.

Dot Com

This is your prayer every night. Reality doesn’t seem to agree tho. Tae has never slacked in his dancing and he has had one of the most successful solo debuts from the group this year. Look forward to years of Taehyung outshining your faves. As usual.

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BTS 4me

You sound like a bitter jealous loser. He will keep shining and you never have and never will.


His ost is literally the most stable in kcharts and has most uls among all members ost tf you mean by gp’s favorite


cry some more every tear you all shed adds to his sucess

Dot Com

He really is a top idol. This solo era so far has shown that he can hold his own and still retain gp interest without his members. I think he will be a much sought after actor and ambassador. His music will be a hit too because his ost did amazing in Korea without promotion literally during Christmas.

Whether armys get used to supporting the members outside of group activities or he builds upon his already huge gp fandom, I’m not worried about him. I’m excited for him.


I’m so proud his achievements this year even though his antis are being loud these day but it didn’t affected his popularity or success a bit and his ost literally did way better than most of bgs this year on kcharts. He’ll surely shine even more in future

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