Knetz are impressed with V’s overflowing energy in the new BTS’ RUN dance practice

V is really cool. While choreographing with power, Taehyung’s talent is overflowing with

1. A real stage genius, choreography expression is the best

2. Full of genius

3. When he smiles and when he dances, his expression is really delicious

4. I hope Taehyung can perform on stage for a long, long time. you’re a real legend

5. When I see V, I don’t feel like spending money at all. It’s like an idol who just opens a real wallet. It’s so high quality

6. He was flying around in the choreography video. Seriously full-time genius ㅜㅜ he’s a good guy

7. He’s so handsome, he dances like that, and he has an eccentric expression, and he looks like he’s just playing with the stage. I can see why he’s really famous

8. V really seems to perfectly express the concept no matter what stage he performs. Even in this month’s room, he perfectly digests like a person wearing custom clothes

9. V is really handsome, but he’s a genius at his job. He’s really born to enjoy it, but he’s really good at it

10. V has the magical power to attract people who stand out from a distance, so you can’t help but be charmed

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