Knetz debate whether DNA era was V’s best hair style era

It was really mysterious and pretty.

1. This is why God V is God V. You are the best Kim Taehyung

2. Undyed hair is also pretty Taehyung

3. Ash Gray… I still can’t find an idol that suits him as well as V

4. Even if Taehyung’s head is covered, he still looks handsome

5. I can’t forget the days when he was a boy, but even now when I look at him, it’s the same

6. It’s getting more and more cool. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been a fan, but I can’t escape from his charm

7. I wish he could do the red one again. It suits him so well

8. He’s the most handsome with black hair and bare face

9. DNA V legend, I actually watched the music video at school and screamed every time V came out hahaha

10. The blue hair is so pretty. I’ve never seen prettier blue hair than Taetae

11. At the beginning of his debut, Taehyung’s orange hair was so pretty

12. What’s interesting about V is that he’s very trendy, but he has a very classic atmosphere

13. Puddle Taehyung is also pretty

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the eras that both his hair style & hair color were legendary
lemme add dynamite & ON too

but baby i beg you try pantone green & cobalt blue
he seems attracted to red these days so i hope he atleast dye his hair dark wine

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WhatsThe Point

Silver hair dna era taehyung birthday so many sons, paved the way


All of his eras were wow. Personally, my favorite is the Boy with luv era, that blue hair was epic. 


Dna was definitely one of his top eras but I think tae with black perm, red hair, blue hair, and blond is one of my fav tae look.
Special mention to poodle tae😍

based misandrist

the way y’all baby asian men is so funny to me they really will be seen as infantile and unmasculine sksksks




It’s concerning that you think the comment above is infantilization… Hmmmm… You think about babies a lot…? Like… That’s disturbing….


Taehyung in mint green is undefeated

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Did he do mint green? Or was that the highlights in his hair during Run?


It was. That or any time he promoted with black hair. 👀

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