Knetz react to BTS’ V Instagram Update and huge crowd at the airport

1. Today’s outfit is so cute. ​​I’m glad he returned to home safely. It’s so cute that he posted on Instagram as soon as he arrived

2. Pointing him with the cameras was too much, I felt more surprised outdoors. But it was fortunate that there was no major accident

3. The reporters must have been waiting to film this time because he left for a secret recording in Korea and a small secret departure in Paris. There were a lot of relay videos today

4. V fans, make sure to watch this video. The reporter called Tae-tae so affectionately that I thought he was Taehyung’s father

5. First of all, V is popular and cool, and cute

6. Please don’t get close to the artist at the airport because you’re going to get hurt

7. Since it was crowded like that, I was worried about Taehyung, but he posted it on Instagram. Our bear is really popular

8. Today’s outfit is really pretty. I want to buy it

9. Taehyung’s Instagram photos are all so good. The writing is also touching!

10. When I watched the video, I can even hear all the voices of the reporters and when Taehyung got into the car at the end, he was pushed

11. V is so caring and cute, and he talks so prettily

12. Wow… As soon as I saw it, I thought it would be nice if V closed his eyes, set the headset volume to 100, and went out without seeing or hearing anything… I’m going to have a phobia of people

13. Taehyung speaks really nicely

14. No matter what he does, Taehyung is always gonna enter the country with the best sense of fashion

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Koreans are very irresponsible and disrespectful. They didn’t give Tae personal space. Even if something bad happened to them before. It’s disgusting to see these comments. They don’t deserve tae. Our taetae is so kind that he smiled and waved the fans even he is despite the difficult situation. Love you tae and pls protect yourself from saesengs. Apparently bighit doesn’t protect you 💀


just like how foreign fans didn’t give taehyung space when he was outside south korea. you guys just want to point fingers solely at koreans without mentioning how i-fans do the same.


Both are bad but the topic is about Taehyung’s arrival in Korea so that’s where the focus is.


just bc you don’t keep up with armys calling out everybody who stalks them and shows up at airports, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. these people are crazy for showing up at airports like this and you trying to deflect from that isn’t going to change that


Guys don’t forget to vote bts🙏


This goes for those who said he was rude. I’m glad he went back to Korea and not where the shippers said he was going. 


After he got dragged for being rude 😂 damage control.. Okay


he was called like that by antis cause no one who has met him irl has bad words about him


what damage control? do you have selective memory? he literally posted on weverse the moment he got in the car and waved at fans the first time he arrived after the celine event too.


You stupid af lmao. This is not damage control. He’s telling ppl to stay tf away from airports in a nice way. Kpoppies are so fcking dumb istg.

But I wasn’t done

Tae doesn’t need media play when he is the poster child for kindness to armys

Cranberry musk

Damage control was Jungkook after the Covid5 scandal


oh wow insulting tae’s fellow member just bc the original dumbas s commenter has fifakook as a username. you are both literally the same breed of people. fck off and leave tae and jk alone

Cranberry musk

You didn’t have anything to say to this btch while she sitting her dragging Jk’s band members on every post but here you come with your cape when someone claps back. Fvck off and control your dogs if you don’t want to be hit back.

Last edited 10 months ago by Cranberry musk

you’re too obsessed with taehyung as a solo stan of the member who just dropped a worldcup song & performed at the opening ceremony yk!?


now why you tryna get my guy kook dragged? You have that name and then you drag his members… seems like you actually tryna bring Jungkook hate instead of supporting him 🤷🏾‍♀️

WhatsThe Point

I hate how he was mobbed, literally makes my blood boil. He’s being nice and people will still take advantage of their niceness.


and if he doesn’t wave to these crazy a-holes then he’s the rude one. i hope these people never know a day of peace in their entire lives


See how majority of them are not even addressing the issue its so weird how this is the 2nd time he returned and he is being mobbed both the times


they don’t care. they support this kind of shtty “fan” culture. these people literally think celebrities and artists sign off their personal and privacy rights off to the public once they become famous. they treat him like a zoo animal on display and they aren’t even ashamed of doing so

But I wasn’t done

Popular and kind king 👑

Yves Saint Laurent

These netizens are conveniently ignoring the main point of his ig story which is that they should stay away from Taehyung at airports. He’s telling them in a nice way but their focus is on his clothes and that he spoke nicely.


if they acknowledged that then they would have to acknowledge that taehyung is an actual living breathing human being with feelings and not an unfeeling doll


Now if they end up hurting my son imma have to lose my morals


“12. Wow… As soon as I saw it, I thought it would be nice if V closed his eyes, set the headset volume to 100, and went out without seeing or hearing anything… I’m going to have a phobia of people”

exactly.i felt short of breath when i saw the airport video.the moment ppl rushed from under the tapes i thought damn if it was me i would have panic attack.he literally said before that these things scare him.


I’m glad he is loved but Koreans need to develop better airport manners

gate io

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