Knetz react to BTS’ V Instagram Update and huge crowd at the airport

1. Today’s outfit is so cute. ​​I’m glad he returned to home safely. It’s so cute that he posted on Instagram as soon as he arrived

2. Pointing him with the cameras was too much, I felt more surprised outdoors. But it was fortunate that there was no major accident

3. The reporters must have been waiting to film this time because he left for a secret recording in Korea and a small secret departure in Paris. There were a lot of relay videos today

4. V fans, make sure to watch this video. The reporter called Tae-tae so affectionately that I thought he was Taehyung’s father

5. First of all, V is popular and cool, and cute

6. Please don’t get close to the artist at the airport because you’re going to get hurt

7. Since it was crowded like that, I was worried about Taehyung, but he posted it on Instagram. Our bear is really popular

8. Today’s outfit is really pretty. I want to buy it

9. Taehyung’s Instagram photos are all so good. The writing is also touching!

10. When I watched the video, I can even hear all the voices of the reporters and when Taehyung got into the car at the end, he was pushed

11. V is so caring and cute, and he talks so prettily

12. Wow… As soon as I saw it, I thought it would be nice if V closed his eyes, set the headset volume to 100, and went out without seeing or hearing anything… I’m going to have a phobia of people

13. Taehyung speaks really nicely

14. No matter what he does, Taehyung is always gonna enter the country with the best sense of fashion

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