Korea Disney+ CEO apologizes for ‘Snowdrop’ controversy

Korea Disney+ CEO apologizes for ‘Snowdrop’ controversy… “I’ll be careful”

Korea Disney+ CEO, “Through this drama, we were able to realize the impact of Disney+ as a platform and its impact on viewers. We will do our best to prepare elaborately and meticulously”

1. I canceled my Disney+ account because of ‘Snowdrop’

2. I hate Jisoo and Jung Hae In

3. I didn’t click on Jisoo’s post after this drama. Before that, she was pretty, so I clicked on her post even though I’m not a fan

4. I’m glad the drama was ruined and I’m glad Disney+ is reflecting on it, but it’s too late

5. I was really disappointed with Jisoo when I saw that and also with the BLACKPINK girls who kept posting cheers on Instagram while knowing all the controversies

6. That’s why I didn’t sign up for Disney+

7. You suddenly apologize because Disney+ isn’t doing well?

8. It’s not an apology

9. Thanks to BLACKPINK’s popularity overseas, a lot of people watched it, but now you’re sorry, I don’t know what will change

10. The fans will be so embarrassed….They’re still shielding

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