Korean celebrities posing at Cannes International Film Festival and Cannes Chopard event, Getty Images

Aespa members, Karina Winter, Jeon Yeo Bin, Song Joong Ki, Song Kang Ho, BLACKPINK Jennie, Rosé, etc. I have posted pictures with the Getty Images logo

1. Karina and Jeon Yeo Bin look good

2. Song Kang Ho is so cool

3. Wow Jeon Yeo Bin, she looks like a model

4. Karina looks like a vampire…

5. I don’t know, but can they go to Cannes even if they’re not actors?

6. Jennie is just a princess

7. Song Joong Ki has good skin, he’s so handsome

8. Song Joong Ki is f*cking handsome, Rosé and Jeon Yeo Bin are so pretty

9. Rosé and Jeon Yeo Bin are pretty and have aura

10. Why is there no picture of Giselle?

11. Jennie is seriously pretty, she looks like a princess

12. Rosé really suits Saint Laurent

13. Rosé’s aura is really crazy. Not only pretty but also really gorgeous. How can I describe this?

14. All I can say is Jeon Yeo Bin is amazing…

15. Wow Aespa members have big eyes

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Is rosé really beautiful? The camera of foreign media captures everything. His head and face are strange. We can’t call it ugly, but she’s not pretty either. I’m sure korean idols are afraid of foreign media’s cameras.

Teenaged puppy

Wait until you see bts jhope getty images. Tragic 🤣


İ’ m sorry but ı dont care to BTS or other kpop groups iam just telling truth. İf The something is good ıam sayın to good

Teenaged puppy

Get a life. I’m glad I get under your skin enough for calling your whores, whores but get your own personality. Also Hobi looks better than moon faced whorśe any day like be serious


She’s not ugly that for sure, but she has a long face and in these photos she can’t hide her chin or use her hair much the way she does on her insta pics, but I think there’s nothing wrong with having a long face just may be not everyone’s cup of tea


She’s super pretty, her head is perfect the way it is, It’s true her face is kind of long but it’s not a problem.


rose and jennie look much worse without korean editing. lisa’s plastic surgery looks obvious too in west. jisoo still looks beautiful

yg manages blackpink’s image so much but they can’t hide in front of foreign press. they can’t even pose properly on red carpet, they are hunched and look scared even though they have done this for years

aespa look more confident and poised and they are just beginning


Now you’re just saying anything lmao


yeah I wonder the same tho, is cannes is like met gala where brands can also send their ambassadors there ?


How ugly Koreans are to think Song jung ki is fucking handsome

Bla bla

Jennie looks good but it would have been perfect if she wore a little longer dress.

And Karina looks like fictional character her makeup, dress , styling everything looks perfect

But they did Giselle dirty

And didn’t a member from stray kids also go there if i am not wrong


‘But they did Giselle dirty’ that’s routine for Aespa’s stylists, unfortunately.

I think her dress looked glamorous and she looked good in it, but the hair and makeup was a miss for me. Those clip on bangs were so unnecessary. She has beautiful long hair and there’s so much they could have done with it ugh


Sorry not sorry, but Rose and Jennie stylists should take notes from Aespa’s stylist (or at least from Lisa and Jisoo), that’s how you dress to events


Aespa look amazing here and I agree that bp (minus Lisa maybe) need better stylists. But this is probably the first time Aespa served a red carpet look so I wouldn’t use them as an example.

Teenaged puppy

Whorśe and STDennie look terrible. Probably from all the crack and gangbangs they participated in earlier


Aespa slayed tbh


At being ugly

No name

Wow rose’s face is really long


Why they make Giselle look like bootleg costume store Morticia Addams?

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