Korean media predicts that NewJeans will be like TVXQ

Will NewJeans follow in TVXQ’s footsteps? Possibility of suing HYBE to terminate the exclusive contract

It is likely that NewJeans will file a lawsuit against HYBE to request an order to terminate the exclusive contract. This is the method that famous boy group TVXQ used previously to terminate their contractual relationship with SM Entertainment

If HYBE gains the upper hand in the legal battle and succeeds in overthrowing CEO Min, NewJeans may make the same choice as TVXQ

The biggest issue is whether it can be proven that HYBE treated NewJeans unfairly as CEO Min claimed. However, if some of the five members disagree, like in the case of TVXQ, in the worst case, the group will disband

1. HYBE is trash, go bankrupt

2. We need to boycott HYBE idols except NewJeans

3. HYBE, are you sure you’re protecting NewJeans?

4. HYBE is really ugly

5. HYBE has never had any protection for artists

6. If Min Heejin leaves, I think NewJeans will leave too

7. No matter how special NewJeans is to Min Heejin, do you think they will file a lawsuit to follow Min Heejin? I’m just worried that NewJeans will fall behind without Min Heejin

8. Now that’s TVXQ…..HYBE is such a mess

9. I became interested in NewJeans thanks to this incident

10. No matter what the conclusion is, I will support Min Heejin and NewJeans

11. They are not protecting NewJeans at all. Seriously, what would happen to NewJeans without Min Heejin?

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