Korean media say that TWICE’s heyday is gone after they fell out of the top 100 after 1 day

TWICE comeback, falls out of the top 100 after 1 day

“TWICE, falls out of the top 100 after 1 day… Their heydays are gone”

[+143, -46]

1. [+87, -10] The ONCEs are gritting their teeth pretending they don’t know, but the reporter stabbed them to the boneㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+70, -5] Compared to what fans always brag about, TWICE doesn’t do well compared to what their fans say

3. [+64, -8] Thanks to these people, the encore stage that was supposed to be fun has become the stage where you have to prove your skills. They really are a nuisance to their juniors in many ways

4. [+64, -16] Their popularity is dwindling and fans have nothing to do, so they’ll be messing with BLACKPINK again

5. [+57, -8] Why did they end up like this? Don’t fans say they’re so popular overseas?

6. [+37, -1] They fell out of the charts on the second day, they couldn’t make it into the US Sporty, but pre-orders are 1.7 million copies and they’ll be holding a stadium tour in the US. I wonder if there are any groups that are weirder than them

7. [+36, -6] Everyone has endured their bad skills for a long timeㅋㅋㅋ You can’t last so long if you’re just pretty

8. [+34, -3] Overseas, I heard that once a big fandom is established, it won’t collapse easily, but I guess that’s not true either

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who cares


The whole kpop, twice tanked

Ladyboy lisa

Lol wasn’t that ss from problematic blink account


Hag group, they can’t chart anymore


The song is bad, as simple as that


Tbh I thought the song was pretty good but I guess it wasn’t catchy enough to be a K-pop title track

spicy spice

it really is. but it’s not like their company mediaplayed them with ‘the best’ nor ‘the biggest girlgroup in the planet’. so it’s not surprising thou.


because no media calling them ‘the best’ or ‘the biggest’

Saint Seungri

Shitwice 🙂 lol


@jnktoowell is known BTS anti, and the owner of the account is MALE and blonk.

Ladyboy lisa

Yeah that’s why look familiar


But it doesnt change the charta tho. Twice is doing bad in Korea and outsidd Korea, and if those those 1.7M are real (since they dont send it to IFPI we will never know) must be from the japanese fans, because NO WHERE in the streaming era you can sell 1.7M physical copies and be out of the Global Spotify 1 day after release. This is Japan or a FRAUD.


??I’m just highlighting who is jnktoowell, he is known blonk, who is ready to drag any gg and act feminist when fighting with bg stan. And starting last year (2022), IFPI received the data directly from Gaon/Circle, no longer from the company. Year 2022, they did well.Year 2023?no one knows. Maybe u should ask ONCE directly.


They deserve the hate for making me listen to Scientist and the other garbage releases after that


They can’t even debut on US Spotify
But they’re selling Stadiums in US??
Whos buying those tickets? Asians fans or the members families? Lmao


free tickets to western artists


Plenty of people go to their concerts bc they are good performs and they only have what, 3 bad title songs so still 20 songs to enjoy


Wow isn’t that problematic person from blink fandom who insert their nose in every twice and BTS matter and shames them to no end. Now I see why this matter is so blowing up.
First time ever I have seen articles about group not doing well in charts. And they are saying because of twice encore stages moments vanished. When weren’t it because of these biches only. These k-pop groups still enjoy their encore stage but now twice after that haven’t enjoyed.
I sometimes hope people like these knetz or kblinks or whatever fandom they might be to be vanished from the trajectory of the earth surface. Onces are always being blamed for things which were (proven already) not even been started by us. Twice were globally and nationally hated for their signal daesang in mama. When has twice not being hated. Like tell me when?
This all witch hunting has not even stopped now. Yes we onces are lazy and we throw money more than we stream. So what…
Twice are still doing well. Cause where were the articles when they recieved bbma for women’s or their pop up shop in usa were super filled on all days or Empire State building lit up for them or even their recent hot100 entry? Then where were these articles?!
You ppl are biting them too hard now. But karma exists. Karma exists is all I am gonna say now.


Onces of you are here. Instead os seething lets only focus on streaming twice. Don’t be discouraged. Listen to them to their fullest.


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Last edited 11 days ago by ramef33456
WhatsThe Point

7. [+36, -6] Everyone has endured their bad skills for a long timeㅋㅋㅋ You can’t last so long if you’re just pretty

I can count the amount of pretty privilege idols with no skills who are thriving and twice ain’t them

Ladyboy lisa

Bp untalented and ugly, still popular 😂


Kmedia they say when big 4 kmedias like kbs sbs mbc younhap are talking about twice thriving in bb and getting PRESTIGIOUS award. Meanwhile this so called kmedia was Mia during all that and suddenly are writing this.
Well let me tell you something is seriously fishy going on…

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