Korean media wonder why YG waited for BLACKPINK’s promotions to end before releasing their statement

Korean media wonder why YG waited for BLACKPINK’s promotions to end before releasing their statement

Korean media asked why YG waited for BLACKPINK’s promotions to end before announcing the legal notice

Why didn’t YG step in sooner to protect the artists from the constant hate and cyberbullying on the internet?

It seems that YG didn’t want to deal with this until now to avoid negatively affecting BLACKPINK’s promotions

YG is interested in BLACKPINK’s promotional activities, but what about Jennie?

Didn’t they see Jennie getting a lot of malicious comments? They should have protected her sooner

YG released their statement, what about HYBE? HYBE, why don’t you protect V?

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why bother to promote when their fans already at level of mega hardcore, they dominating pann nate, dominating theqoo, also probs paid for melon etc. thats easy for them


why bother using your brain when talking when you can just not use them like this person 👍

But I wasn’t done

Using BTS and Taehyung for clout like they always do. That company can’t do anything without BTS


jennie is more famous and popular than V thought in south korea so she didnt even need your fave for a clout


This bitch talking as if blackpink and jennie desperately need the clout from that twink


She got nothing but hate from that dating rumor. She didn’t get anything positive from it


Why is Taehyung named here? Gurumi today said HYBE is after them 🤷🏽‍♀️ Leave him out of this, as HYBE said they’re suing for ill-intentioned rumors and defamation and that’s it. They are protecting him.
Let YG manage Jennie’s issue without involving Taehyung. They have nothing to do with each other, get over it already.


because he also in the picture? why its so hard for you guys to accept that his dating jennie and both company didnt even officially denied the dating though


They aren’t going to deny something that is not true but anyone with a brain knows that when HYBE said “ill-intentioned rumors and defamation” and YG said “repeatedly uploading unverified content or writing excessively malicious post for defamation” they’re talking about the “relationship”. Also, after YG’s statement was released Gurumi deleted ALL the leaked pictures of Jennie (The one with Rosé, her nudes, even the photo of GD) and left only the edits with Tae because they’re EDITS and if it was personal data from Jennie they would’ve deleted just like they deleted all the other photos but no🤷🏽‍♀️ Why would YG and HYBE sue for defamation if they knew the relationship is real? It would take Gurumi just prove the authenticity of one photo to the police to win, you think the companies would take that risk if this was true? Lmaooo connect the dots dumbass, keep crying and trying to make ur ship real I guess

namtiddies@10th june

Let’s not forget the leaker has access to YG exclusive photo (jisoo), isn’t it obvious who’s behind this. U got all the attention u want during the promo period


Why do you guys think it has something to do with their comeback? Jennie got nothing but hate and backlash. Tf


because YG is obsessed with bts.
the obsession is real, they have been using them since 2018. YG once even accepted a report where BTS was used to get investors like Mirae Asset to invest in their company. They use bts to get investors, to promote those girls, to get them contracts in the US etc.
And if she did get hate then now you know it can be 100% likely that it’s YG’s fault.


Delulu 💯


Because they don’t want it to attract more attention during the comeback period. It did bring nothing but hate and backlash. See what happened the moment YG released a statement, Rolling Stone and other western media are talking about it. They really shouldn’t have released a statement and just work in silent

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