Korean netizens answer the question ‘Do you agree that HYBE is ruining K-pop?’

Do you agree that HYBE is ruining K-pop?

About this statement

What do you think about it?

If you look at popular posts, they say that HYBE is ruining K-pop

1. No, HYBE doesn’t ruin K-pop

2. I totally agree

3. HYBE is like a factory that produces idols

4. I agreed after seeing them acquire other agencies and they are greedy to make money

5. Totally agree

6. These days, I feel this way even more when I look at the controversy over the live singing skills of HYBE rookies

7. I agree.. ‘Singing skills’ are gone because of HYBE

8. HYBE is like a company that only pursues money

9. I agree, in the long run, I think it has become toxic to K-pop

10. But they already ruined K-pop. Let’s look at the current situation

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