Korean netizens are disappointed with IVE ‘Baddie’ MV

IVE ‘Baddie’ MV

1. It sounds like an SM song

2. The song sounds like an Aespa song and the MV is similar to Red Velvet’s MV

3. It sounds like an SM song, it reminds me of Aespa, Red Velvet and NCT

4. The song is a bit disappointing but the MV and concept are good

5. I like IVE.. All the members are pretty and the songs are good

6. I like all of IVE’s songs so far, but this song is a bit disappointing

7. The song and MV are so similar to Red Velvet

8. The MV reminds me of Red Velvet

9. I really like the song and I’m also looking forward to their stage

10. I like this song. Yujin and Rei suit this concept so well

11. It’s not like IVE I know

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