Korean netizens are disappointed with NMIXX ‘DICE’ MV


1. Why does the song keep going like this? I like all female idols, but their songs are a barrier

2. Everyone is so pretty and amazing, but I just don’t know what the song is..

3. This group has good skills and is fine, so I’m interested in them, but what’s the song? … I can’t hear the song

4. I don’t think NMIX aims for popularity, it’s like they do whatever they want to do

5. Am I the only one who likes this song?… I’m not sure about the choreography or the MV, but the song is good…

6. JYP, what are you doing these days?

7. HYBE picks songs very well, but why can’t JYP pick songs like this….

8. It sounds like a male idol song

9. The song is really bad… I feel sorry for the skills and potential of the kids

10. The members’ skills are really good, but the song is disappointing

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