Korean netizens are divided over AKB48 joining Weverse

AKB48 opens Weverse on April 27 (DM opens on May 2)

1. When I live, I see AKB48 using Weverse..?

2. There are already a lot of foreign singers on Weverse, they are just one of many singers on Weverse

3. There are a lot of foreign singers on Weverse, this is not a platform but only for Korean fans, so there is no problem with having a lot of foreigners

4. It’s true that Bang Si Hyuk likes Japan

5. There are a lot of foreign artists joining the platform, so what’s the problem?

6. Weverse is accepted everywhere in the world, there are already a lot of foreign singers

7. Weverse is just a platform, there are already a lot of non-HYBE singers and foreign singers, why are you saying it’s a mess?

8. This is just a platformโ€ฆ Anyone can join if they pay. It’s not just for HYBE singers

9. I really can’t imagine this

10. There are already many foreign and non-HYBE singers on Weverse, and joining Weverse doesn’t mean you’re tied to HYBE

11. Bang Shi Hyuk really likes Japan

12. What’s happening?

13. HYBE really loves Japanโ€ฆ.

14. Crazy, Japanese idols use Korean platform

15. Isn’t Weverse just for HYBE singers?

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They didnt see other non korean act bcuz they are so pressed with japan lol


well hybe did intend to make weverse global from the very start and not just restricted to kpop artists but mmm them doing weverse dm makes sense then since idols like akb uses something like private mail with their fans


Prikil was the first Japanese gg to use weverse iirc. They are a group under FNC (Cherry Bullet)

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