Korean netizens comment on Jungkook and J-Hope’s live singing skills

Jungkook and J-Hope’s live

Aren’t they good at singing live?

[+264, -137]

1. [+233, -123] Jungkook is just on another level

2. [+193, -98] Both have steady vocals, and their pronunciation is clear to listeners. All the members sing live well, but J-Hope and Jungkook sing clearly and accurately, so I think they sing live better than the other members!

3. [+168, -92] They’re both good at singing live, the other members are good too, their vibes are different, of course I like their live performance too

4. [+102, -39] Their live performance was amazing yesterday and Jungkook was daebak

5. [+97, -13] It’s true that Jungkook is so good, but are all the bad comments here cursing at Jimin? What the hell are you guys doing?

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