Korean netizens criticize LE SSERAFIM for never wearing Hanbok

LE SSERAFIM has never worn Hanbok??

Have they ever worn Hanbok?

When I saw comments on LE SSERAFIM’s Instagram, someone said that LE SSERAFIM had never worn Hanbok so I looked it up

Only LE SSERAFIM doesn’t wear Hanbok, even NewJeans and ILLIT wear Hanbok

“LE SSERAFIM, so why don’t you wear Hanbok? Other groups don’t wear it at least once every Tet or holiday”

When I looked for the link in the comments, I saw that there was a game called ‘Rhythm Hive’ and Hanbok costumes were released for Chuseok, but only LE SSERAFIM did not have Hanbok costumes

And if you search for Chuseok on LE SSERAFIM’s official YouTube, there will be videos celebrating Chuseok 2023. Last year, 8 videos were updated as ‘Special Chuseok’? But fashion is always simple clothes

[+394, -12]

1. [+220, -5] IVE, a group that has Japanese members, also wore it

2. [+206, -51] Well, pro-Japanese idols…

3. [+193, -1] What’s surprising is that most idols don’t wear Hanbok at least once but LE SSERAFIM doesn’t

4. [+97, -27] But this is just the company’s fault

5. [+27, -0] The first idol never wears hanbok, even on holidays and New Year

6. [+19, -1] Damn, I really hate them. What did they do on Hangul, Chuseok and Lunar New Year??

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