Korean netizens react to Dahyun being terrorized by BLACKPINK fans on Instagram

Dahyun was terrorized on Instagram

Currently, TWICE’s fans are pushing back against malicious comments with comments praising Dahyun

1. They are criticizing her for skipping the ad. If you don’t want your ads to be skipped, don’t run ads

2. But why should she apologize to Lisa? It’s Lisa’s ad, right??

3. They are arguing about everything. What’s wrong with skipping ads?

4. There are a lot of weird people in the world. Those foreigners seem crazy

5. Honestly, I think the other members’ fans would be more upset because of Lisa’s fans

6. Southeast Asian idiots are really disgusting

7. Wow, they are crazy;;;;;….. Lisa looks nice, but her fans are disgusting

8. Don’t they know that doing such things is harmful to Lisa?

9. I hate those Southeast Asian fans

10. Who doesn’t skip YouTube ads?

11. I don’t understand, but you are talking about ads that you can skip after 5 seconds when playing YouTube videos????

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