Korean netizens react to SEVENTEEN ‘Super’ Official MV

SEVENTEEN ‘Super” Official MV

1. It’s like a performance video, not a music video

2. Wow, this song is crazy, I really like it

3. Seventeen is crazy, I love the song

4. Wow, I bet the stage will be even better!!

5. The more you listen to the song, the better it gets

6. The MV is so goodㅋㅋㅋ

7. I’m really looking forward to the stage

8. SEVENTEEN is the best, I’m really curious about the stage!!

9. It drives me crazy, I want to see the stage too

10. I want to see the stage

11. The music video is like a performance video

12. Give me the stage, I need to see this stage

13. They did so well, looks like it’s going to be a big hit at the year-end awards ceremonies

14. Is this a music video? It was shot as a dance practice video

15. I like SEVENTEEN’s strong songs, so I like this song too

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They were smart to release a Monday release and after bss success, honestly I doubted them but seems they are going to even enter top 10 daily on melon. Idk why hybe is obsessed with Friday release for bts solos,if jimin had a Monday release,his song would’ve done better than it did now and I’m very disappointed. Hopefully jungkook releases a Monday song

dot com bubble

Ig they’ve given up on following the tracking days in the US. The focus of SVT nowadays seem to be Korea/Japan.


I want this for bangtan too. I don’t like their recent performance at ALL. Jimin did so well imagine if he released on a Monday 6pm. Like what is hybe thinking? Jimin debuted 26 on daily despite all that. I want jungkook to focus on korea more. I don’t want this situation to turn into a twice fiasco. And yes they’re focused on korea and China. And their album versions are excessive

dot com bubble

It’s not perfect but the Friday release gave Jimin a #1 on the Hot100. I’m not gonna complain about that.


Yeah and then have organic drop from #1


not sure if their solo stans like that idea tbh, they would say bh sabotaged Jungkook so he couldn’t chart in Billboard


How its hybe fault? Pretty sure army said bts can decide 100% on what they want to do… Or this only applied to hyung line? Lol. Pick a narative


I think they’ll push seventeen even more during bangtan’s enlistment


I think they push svt hard as hell rn cause this year probably the last time they will be active as a full group since some of them will start to go into military by next year and the fans knows it too I think hence why they worked really hard for this svt’s cb .

Just my observation, I’m not a Carat.

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